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Chima Launch Event!

Join us Wednesday February 2nd at 7pm as we give business owners the opportunity to hear about this great initiative that is getting major attention.

We will be at the famous Chima Brazilian Steakhouse in downtown Charlotte.

Launch of My 1st Suit


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A Call for Men









This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Johnson C. Smith University for a male summit. Many city leaders expressed their heart-felt gratitude about the works of the organizing group who has put this forum together over the years.

As we sat in a group discussing a few questions that were posed to the larger group, one thing became very apparent after listening to the Sheriff, police Chief and Mayor of Charlotte. How do we change the focus of all young men? One might say it’s through strict rules and regulations. Another, foundational approaches that remind us of who we are. We believe at My 1st Suit that instead of focusing on a particular color or background, make your approach and best practices at home colorless. Too many times we talk to your young people from a “color” perspective, thus perpetuating an idea of “us versus them” mentality. This allows racism to be handed down to the next generation. Don’t say “Because you are black, keep your hands out your pockets when you walk in a store”. Try just giving teenagers and young adults another perspective of how they look and how someone may view them based on a negative form of behavior.

Think of when you see kids at a playground. They don’t see color, they just see a swing, monkey bars, and other people who want to play. But what happens is a parent will see a child and judge them and make their kids not enjoy just being a kid and make their kids play in another area. You as a parent are creating attitudes and behaviors that have long-lasting negative effects on how they view the world. Like it or not, the drug dealer, pimp, thief, “dead beat dad”, and murderer are all our responsibility. Something we have done or shown them either through media or at home has given our young men these ideas that they act on. The input may have just been watching a sexually charged sitcom while your 12-year-old sits next to you, but the output may be the grown 28-year-old who see women just as sexual objects.

We cannot control everything that is out there, however we must be willing as adults to not only take care of our families, but also the communities we live in. The staggering statistics of our prison systems will not decrease if we do not take charge and become better people so that we model right behavior in front of those around us. Men, take time today to think about what you are doing that could be negatively effecting those around you. Forgive yourself, become accountable to those around you, and move forward with someone else in mind before making each decision.

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20-SOMEthing LIVing

Back in 2007 our founder started a radio show that focused its attention on those in their 20’s. In thinking through how we progress in life those ten years make the greatest impact on the rest of your life. Jobs, family, marriage, personal endeavors all make for the person you become in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond. But there are not many resources for those in this transition time of life.

The cool thing about this time is the fact the you are more apt to take crazy risk in the name of “I got time”. It’s what make being young fun. Many older people talk about how they blew more money when they were young and just living life. As much as older people think they are crazy, you could learn a lot from them. More millionairs are from the “I got time” group than ever before. Some of the best and brightest technological ideas are born of people who put time into an idea in order to see it grow and share it with the world. In Charlotte, NC if you look closely you will see the influence of 20-somethings living all over. The downtown area and surrounding towns all cater to the young fly and flashy. Weare the kings of social media and have perfected socially fun environments.

So to all of our older counterparts who enjoy Facebook, Alive After 5, Youtube and Twitter, remember some young risky kid made it possible!

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The Weekend at Young Gents

January 11, 2011 1 comment

So this weekend we spent time at the open house with our supporter Dany Eason as he opened up his Young Gents Mentoring Program. We sat in a small school auditorium with young men somehwere between 10-14 years of age. At first glance these seem to be your normal everyday kids with big imaginations and motor mouths filled with “why” as the subject to every sentence. But kids never cease to amaze you with their intellect better than most teenagers and reasoning batting a thousand. We discussed many topics and entertained their ideas about life as a man and what that means to them.

Kids are a lot smarter these days. I blame technology and the media for giving our kids so many ways to learn about the world. I did use the word blame. Just as kids have access through technology to understand the worlds greatest people, places and things, they also are bombarded with so many sexual innuendos, political agendas, immoral acts and consumer mentalities that it almost seems impossible for parents and kids to enjoy such a great tool created by man. So this weekend at Young Gents made me appreciate these kids who have found a way to stay “kids” without becoming corrupted by media and technology.

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