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Ladies Watch What YOU Say!

Now before you think this is going to be a bash session, let me help frame this post. So as most of us who grew up in a dysfunctional house, we were exposed to a lot of things. The house was thick like New Orleans gumbo but the ingredients were of emotional instability, drama, fighting, isolation, etc. But the conductor of this orchestra for many of us was a women. And when she has had enough, she became 20 feet tall and had a voice that would scare the heavens. As a man if you grew up in this environment it really prepared you for a lot of upcoming shout matches. The coach at football practice who’s never less than 80 decibel, the teacher who ruled with an iron voice or the girlfriend who’s been watching her mother shout for so long it’s now normal, even in regular conversation.

Ladies, the truth is that yelling never gets you really what you want in that moment. But what you don’t realize is the adverse effects this plays on the mind of a man. Your voice and words are very powerful and can derail a man faster than a bullet. Need proof? Ok, remember the movie John Q? Denzel Washington plays a father whose son needs a heart transplant. Things took a major turn when the wife says to Denzel “You need to do something!”. That was the most critical part of the movie. Her words put Denzel’s character into action, at all cost. Examples are all around us where women use their “God-like” voice. Incredible Hulk, Superman, you as the wife, girlfriend and mother. So ladies, I’m asking that you become mindful of what you are saying to your 10-year-old son, the 21-year-old college student and the father of your children. Your power was not meant to be used to demoralize us, it was meant to be used to help us reach our dreams.

So take time and ask yourself ladies, who have you mentally killed? Do you ever realize what you are saying? Even in the most heated arguments, you need to reflect on what was said and how it was said. Instead of choosing the easy route and talking negative in your girl time about all men, try to say something positive. When your friend comes around that can never keep a man, help her see that the problem may be the way she thinks and talks. If you have a well-oiled relationship spend more energy protecting it by not allowing outside influences to dictate you. Finding a problem is easy, but seeing the good is more important.

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We are on our way to 100k! Help us get their by voting for our program!

Please show your support of our program by voting at the following link as we are in a contest to win 100,000! This will definitely allow us to impact many lives!

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Why I Deserve My 1st Suit Essay Contest

Are you a man between the ages of 18-26?  Then this is for you!!!

Here at My 1st Suit we are outfitting 15 young men this year with their first suit provided by many of the local men’s department stores and fashion boutiques. One of those men could be you! In order to be selected you must tell us in one page or less why having a suit is important to you and how it would impact your life to be a part of this initiative. Be sure to attach a headshot photo of yourself and a contact email. You can post it here or send them to The deadline for all essays is 12 am March 18th 2011. Remember you must be sure it’s one page or less with an email address and has a headshot or your submission will not be reviewed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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A successfull launch!!!

February 3, 2011 1 comment

We want to thank all of our supporters who attended the launch event at Chima February 2nd. Everyone enjoyed the networking opportunities and the presentation given by our founder Chris Williams. The night was filled with excitement and determined people to make a difference in the world. A special thank you much go to the host of the evening FLJohn Enterprise for providing the venue and JSW Mediagroup for getting the word out. We are now poised to work on the next big event that will create much anticipation for the gala in June. More details to come. Until then, stay tuned!! Be sure to tell people to join our blog!

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