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My 1st Suit believes in exposure in many ways. Coming soon, you will get a chance to hear from Charlotte’s influential men on how image plays an important part in life. Stay tuned….

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Tell us your story!

Share with us the suit you remember most and why it was important to you. Post your story here and if you have a picture, please attach it. Can’t wait to see your story!

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We’re in the news!!!

JSW Media Group’s PR Coordinator Amanda Peralta interviewed the visionary of My 1st Suit Christopher Williams. Checkout the article here!


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Tailored Tuesday!

STYLE Week’s exclusive event for clothiers and fashion gurus alike! Bring your business card and win. The event is FREE and donations are welcome.
This event is hosted by FLJohn Enterprise

My 1st Suit event for STYLE Week

My 1st Suit+100k= Changed Lives!

We’ve got this great plan and a chance to win $100k from the Dockers® Wear The Pants (TM) Project to put it into action. But we need your help. Click this link and vote for our plan each and everyday!
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So remember that day that Murphy’s law was in full effect? Everything was all planned out, you had the timing down to the second. And then….you know the rest. The blast radius of “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” went from your house that morning as you spilled coffee on your pants that just came out the cleaners, to the all day meetings that always resulted in you doing more and everyone else waiting on you. The after effects included complete miscommunication between you and your spouse and the last thing you remember was asking “How are you today?”.

Life has its moments where you wish you could use your computer and three fingers and just Ctrl+Alt+Delete the situation and start over. Right when you know the testy conversation is about to turn into a heated one because you can’t seem to hold your tongue, this life enhancing feature would allow you the freedom to start over and try again. Free 99 while supplies last!

Okay, we can’t have this or life would never move forward. More people would spend time reliving a situation and undoing their mistakes than actually learning from them. As humans we are born to one day die and succeed from our failures. Without this dynamic, wisdom would not be necessary to pass on to the next generation, history would never repeat itself and you would never know just how strong and unique you are. So don’t get upset about what kind of day or week or month you have had, think of the lessons you’ve learned. Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”. The ability to move forward in spite of situations is greater than any other freely given gift we have. Single mothers can raise a household of ten and love each one the same, men can go up and down with jobs and still find a reason to look for the next, parents can lose a child and still find the courage and strength to have another. So keep moving forward…..logging out.

-Movie Reference “The Butterfly Effect”

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