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What does it matter?

Many children are taught racism. Don’t believe me? What happens at a playground when parents of different backgrounds and races see their children gravitating to others outside of their own comfort zones? The night that Kelly brings home more friends who are black, and Samantha decides that her friends are Kim, Christen, and Natalie are white friends from the other side of town. What most parents do not understand is that kids are color-blind. They have no sense of differences, creeds, or habits. They just see a ball, a swing and active participants.

Interracial dating is the evolution of such childs play. Many are curious, we want to explore life. That has become true for dating as well. It’s not always because “There are not any good men/women in my race”. So you have to ask yourself “Who or what has taught me my dating habits?” Understanding the root cause of anything helps you understand where you currently are. Truth be told, love and connection never carried a disclaimer that says “Never cross the color line”. Racism is an antagonist of any progressive move that supports “blurred vision”. Like it or not, racism still exist. It can be eliminated but takes political gurus to admit that they play a key role in ending it.

So the next time you see an interracial couple holding hands, sharing a kiss, or jumping the broom, just think about the kids at the park and remember “They don’t see color”.

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