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What do you see? A few marks that remind you of an event where you fell or scratched your face. A pimple. Maybe a face that shows you that sleep needs to be a priority. Keep looking. After a while as Drake said “I really think if you stare at yourself you see things”. One thing is for sure, a mirror does not show you what you want, it shows you what and where you are. It keenly displays the present and gives you a historical photo of how you got here.

Everyone uses a mirror to make suggestions, corrections and changes. To “see” themselves front, back, left to right. But the characteristics of a mirror should be ones that we take into consideration in our personal relationships. A mirror tells the truth, it’s up to you to accept what it shows you. A mirror can reflect back to you whatever you project to it. Many people are in friendships that do not reciprocate their own projections. Thus we tend to be frustrated with a person because “they just don’t get it”. This can be dangerous because when looking into a mirror, if we don’t like what we see, are we willing to change it? It’s not always the mirror’s fault what you are receiving in return, it could be just your reflection.

But when you do find your “mirror”, your hopes and dreams become reality. Many have giving up on finding the “right” people for their lives and have settled. “Mirrors” make life worth living. You go from having successful to significant relationships. Today, take a look in the mirror, if you don’t like what you see, change you. What you get back shows you if you’re on the right path.

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