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She makes more than you……why?

November 1, 2011 1 comment

Have you ever been really attracted to a woman and took that leap of faith to ask for her name? Then, you decide to go out on a date and have a great conversation. The night seems to last forever until you pop the big question…the other big question “So what do you do for a living?” Ladies, if you don’t know, we are, at that moment, paralyzed when we find out that you make more money than we do. It is very intimidating for a man to find out the woman he wants makes double what he does. Let’s face it, your options are many and it’s a struggle for us to keep up. But before the panic attack, let’s take a stroll through history to really understand how this came to be so true.

If you think back to the early 1930’s, women were just getting to the point where they could work and be respected in the workforce. As women’s rights grew, so did the ability to expand and go after the jobs formally dominated by men. As time progressed what we didn’t count on is that the number of women in the workforce would become so big that it would change the way the family unit was viewed. No longer is the woman at home cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children; she’s cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and making about $85,000 a year! It’s a well-known statistic that women tend to graduate at higher rates than men. Thus, the job market has been dominated by well-educated women focused on their careers.

As men, we are so happy to celebrate you and your accomplishments in life. However, you now have to ask yourself ” Am I’m ok with a man who makes less than I do?” and if so “Can I still respect him for where he is?” Many relationships have to deal with this dynamic. The key is to not see each other as mini banks; it’s about looking at the heart of the person behind the money. Ladies, not all good men are in business suits, some of them are fixing your busted pipes, re-patching a roof and repairing your tires on that s500…..

Quote of the day: “Some people say a good man is hard to find; it’s because we are always at work.”

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